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As estimated, by the next year India's per capita consumption annually, is going to be 20 Kgs, which in total is 27 million metric tons. 

HUGE isn't it??


Who we are?

A social impact start-up, which is involved in eco-conscious product manufacturing.
We up-cycle the post-consumer plastic waste and make products of utility and decor. And, with our innovative and circular economy model, we promote sustainability through recyclability. 

What we have for you?

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say A LOT. That’s true !! Being a young start-up we have this freedom of experimentation and that is what makes us unique.
We design not just for you but WITH YOU ! 
Join us in our mission of recycling more than 100 tons of plastic waste annually and be a part of this change.

Wanna recycle with us?

We are here to give you an experience of bringing the change. We can help you recycle your plastic waste and can guide you to live more sustainably.
Click on the below link to schedule your plastic waste pickup or to learn more about sustainability. 
P.S currently offering pickup service within Delhi NCR.
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